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Loqui IM Running on Tizen Smart-Watch

Written by cmeerw on Jan. 13, 2019

After previous work on porting Loqui IM to Tizen OS 3.0 (tested on the Tizen emulator), we now have Loqui IM (including WhatsApp connectivity) working on a real Samsung Galaxy Watch (which is based on Tizen OS 4.0). N.B. it's all running on the watch itself, no intermediary phone involved.

Firefox OS Marketplace Shut Down

Written by cmeerw on Oct. 18, 2016

Contrary to what Mozilla had initially communicated, they have now completely shut down the Marketplace for any updates! Unfortunately, screwed up again by Mozilla.

New Transport Protocol Based On Noise Pipes

Written by cmeerw on Oct. 9, 2016

We are working very hard on implementing the new transport protocol based on Noise Pipes which will be required by the end of the year when WhatsApp discontinues support for older phones like the Nokia S40 platform.

Working around encryption issues on Orange KLIF phones

Written by cmeerw on May. 23, 2016

Loqui IM 0.5.6 is now able to work around serious brokenness on Orange KLIF phones due to those phones implementing the WebCrypto API incorrectly. Loqui IM was already able to detect and work around missing support for the WebCrypto API since 0.5.2, but didn't expect to get a broken implementation.

Catching up with WhatsApp protocol changes

Written by cmeerw on Apr. 24, 2016

We are still catching up with protocol changes due to enforced end-to-end encryption by WhatsApp. One-to-one messages should mostly be working fine now, but we still can't handle encrypted group messages. On top of that Firefox Marketplace app reviews always take a long time...

Welcome to our new website

Written by adansdpc on Feb. 19, 2014

We are currently completely redesigning and rebranding Loqui IM for the upcoming 0.3.0 version.

WhatsApp to Land on FirefoxOS as a Loqui IM Service Provider

Written by waaltcom on Nov. 15, 2013

In the last months we have heard a whole lot of unfounded gossips about the arrival of WhatsApp to FirefoxOS. But certainly, until today, the only official statement in this matter was an apparently definitive refusal of its owner company 'WhatsApp Inc.' to port their app to the newborn web-based mobile platform alleging that they "are not sure if the investment worths it".

Now we have decided to include the celebrated messaging service inside the Loqui IM app, adding it to the increasingly extensive list of supported providers (Hangouts, Microsoft Lync, Nokia ovi, Nimbuzz and now WhatsApp).

We know there are other apps that connects to WhatsApp in the Firefox Marketplace, but there's a huge technical difference. Loqui IM connects to WhatsApp servers through TCP sockets and without any kind of intermediary or proxy. WhatsApp can't tell our app from the original one in no way and thus they can't block users who are not connecting from it.

According to our release schedule, the new update will be published in the Firefox Marketplace by the end of November, though the source code will be available some days before through the Loqui repository on GitHub.

This announcement, that coincides with the sixth moth since Loqui was published, was made in the context of an event that took place in the Medialab of the self-managed social center 'La Casa Invisible' in Málaga and was organized in collaboration with the hackers from the nonprofit organization 'BitValley.cc'.

We take the occasion to say in advance that other providers may be supported "quite soon" and we are about to add many other features such as group chat, videocalls using the new WebRTC standard and end-to-end encription with OTR.

Finally we also want to thank every individual who has contributed to the Loqui's early success: from those who have reported or even fixed bugs to those who have translated the app to nine different languages.

What is Loqui IM?

Loqui IM is a mobile messaging app that allows users to use their chat accounts from different providers with just one simple interface.
The app is currently available only on Firefox OS and Android through the Firefox Marketplace, and other operating systems may be supported in the future.

What does the word "loqui" stand for?

The word "loqui" means "to speak" in latin. In addition is a short and easy to remember word.
And yes, it is a term of endearment that young girls use in Spanish as well.

What providers are currently supported?

Loqui IM currently supports the following providers:

What about Telegram/WeChat/LINE/Viber?

Loqui IM is a Free, Libre and Open Source project. If you are a developer we encourage you to hack our app and create support for any other protocol, provider or operating system.


Loqui IM source code is available in our Github repository under the terms of the AGPLv3 license.

There are many ways to contribute: translating, sending a patch, testing the latest changes in the repository, filing a new issue or just confirming an issue reported by other user. If you have a problem and you are going to create a new issue, first check if another user have not been reported yet an issue similar to the yours, if not create a new issue.

Translation / Localization

We have set up a convenient localization platform in http://translate.loqui.im. Please report a new issue at Github or send us an email if you need your language to be added.


  1. Fork this project on GitHub.
  2. Create a different branch to work on the fix or feature that you will push. (ex: Fix-for-issue-#XXX)
  3. Make your changes on the branch that you created before.
  4. Commit the changes (Try to be descriptive with descriptions on your commits).
  5. Create a Pull Request.
  6. The changes in the Pull Request must be for dev branch, not for master.
  7. Explain as best as you can why and what are the changes in the Pull Request.
  8. Wait for one of the mantainers to know if it is ok to be landed in Loqui or needs changes.

If you do not have previous experience with git repositories, we suggest you to read a Basic Git Guide we have written.

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About Loqui Instant Messenger

Loqui IM is developed by a community of people from all around the world colaborating for free just because we want to create a totally open, libre and neutral messaging app. The role of our sponsor (Waaltcom) is to offer us the needed economical support and the servers and networking infrastructure.

Some of our faces (top contributors)

Contact info

Need some help? Want to tell us something? Maybe want to join us? Feel free to email us at support@loqui.im (in English). If reporting an issue please provide a detailed description with debug logs.


This software is not supported or endorsed in any way by the service providers it interoperates with. It neither tries to mimic or replace any software originally conceived by those services' owners.

In the same manner, any third party's trademark or intellectual property that may appear in this software must be understood as a strictly illustrative reference to the service provider it represents, and will never be used in any way that may lead to confusion, so no abuse is intended.

According to Sec. 103(f) of the DMCA and Article 6 of the 1991 EU Computer Programs Directive, any technological measures circumvention that might be carried out for the creation of this software is totally legitimate as its purpose is "enabling interoperability of an independently created computer program with other programs" and "indispensable to obtain the necessary infor­mation to achieve the interoperability of an indepen­dently created program with other programs [...] to make it possible to connect all components of a computer system, including those of different manufacturers, so that they can work together". The public release of information acquired by those means is also permitted "solely for the purpose of enabling interoperability of an independently created computer program with other programs".